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Gangasagar Bakkhali Development Authority was constituted vide UD & MA Department's Notification No. 1079-T&CP/C-2/2C-7/2-12 dated 19th June 2013 for the Planning Area described in the Schedule of the Notification under the West Bengal Town and Country (Planning & Development) Act, 1979.

The Board of Gangasagar Bakkhali Development Authority was constituted through Department's Notification No. 2197-T&CP/C-2/2C-7/2012 dated 06.08.2013. Presently Planning Area of the Development Authority is comprised of 16 (sixteen) Mouzas of Sagar Development Block and 7 (seven) Mouzas of Namkhana Development Block.

Administrative Buildings and Branch Office are situated at Gangasagar and Bakkhali respectively.

Chairman's Desk

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Ease of Doing Business

  • Development Control Regulation

    The Development Control Regulation of the Planning Area is guided by the Chapter-IV of the West Bengal Panchayat (Gram Panchayat Administration) Rules, 2004 and applicable for all the 10 (ten) Mouzas as the total jurisdiction of Gangasagar Bakkhali Development Authority is well within the Sagar and Namkhana Development Blocks.

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Glimpses of Development Works

  • Beautification work around Gangasagar Seashore and Kapil Muni Temple.

    Trident Lights Along Gangasagar Mela Road No. 3.

    Connecting Gangasagar- Bakkhali-Jambudwip Tourism Circuit

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The Sagar Island

  • Sagar Island is an island in the Ganges delta, lying on the Continental Shelf of the Bay of Bengal, situated about 100 km (54 Nautical Miles) south of Kolkata.

    The island is large — with an area of 224.3 km², lying between 21°36’ to 21°56’ North and 88°2’ to 88° 11’ East. It has 43 villages and a population of over 160,000.
    The largest village is Gangasagar, situated in the shores of the Bay of Bengal

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History of Bakkhali

  • Sir Andrew Fraser, Lieutenant Governor of Bengal for the period from 1903 to 1908 is known to have discovered the spot. In recognition of his contributions to development of this area, a part of the hamlet is named after his name as Frasergunj. His dilapidated bungalow in which Fraser used to stay, is still there at Bakkhali.

    Fishing is the primary occupation of the people here. Agriculture is not a preferred livelihood option by many, as salinity of the land is not conducive from agriculture and land is also not fertile enough.

    Other Places of Interest
    # Fishing Harbour, at Frasergunj, situated on the bank of Edward’s Creek and operated by Benfish.
    # Fisheries projects run by State Fisheries Development Corporation (SFDC) at Henry’s Island and Mangrove forests nearby.
    # Jambu Island, about 4 Nautical Miles from Frasergunj, on Bay of Bengal is famous for Mangrove forest cover.
    # Deer Park and Crocodile enclosure at Forest Office at Bakkhali.

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  • Pollution free and serene environment.

    Virgin beaches of Gangasagar may be utilised for development of multifarious activities to attract tourists.

    Eco-Tourism Sites have already been identified by the Hon’ble Chief Minister, GoWB New Tourism Circuit - Gangasagar – Bakkhali- Jambudwip may be introduced. The Gangasagar Tourist Lodge has taken over by GBDA from WBTDCL w.e.f. 18th March, 2015. The Lodge is now opened for Tourists now, after almost a decade. Turnover of 2015-16 is Rs. 15.51 lacs. Turnover of 2016-17 crossed Rs. 19 lacs in 2016-17. The HIDCO Wooden Bungalow of Gangasagar is also maintained and operated by GBDA. Recent initiatives to promote Circuit Tourism at Gangasagar-Bakkhali-Jambudwip Circuit: ‘Nature Walk along the Jungle Trail at Jambu Island’

    A Guided Day-Tourism journey from Frazerganj Fishing Harbour to Jambu Island and Benuban – to be started very soon in collaboration with Forest, Tourism, Fisheries and Transport Departments. The Sea Cruise would be a first of this kind in eastern India.

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Nature Trail Journey

  • An Eco-Tourism Initiative conceived by Hon’ble Chief Minister, Government of West Bengal.

    An ambitious project of the Urban Development Department, Government of West Bengal, in collaboration with Forest, Tourism, Fisheries and Transport Departments.

    A Guided Day-Tourism journey from Frazerganj Fishing Harbour to Jambu Island and Benuban of Sagar Island– to be started very soon. The Sea Cruise would be a first of this kind in eastern India.

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Place of pilgrimage

Every year on the day of Makar Sankranti (14 January), hundreds of thousands of Hindus gather to take a holy dip at the confluence of river Ganges and Bay of Bengal and offer prayers (Puja) in the Kapil Muni Temple.

Places of Interest

# Kapil Muni’s Temple at Gangasagar. # Nag Sarobar at Purushottampur # Light House at Beguakhali # Pilot Station of the Kolkata Port Trust at Beguakhali. # Casuarina Walk / Mangrove trail Walk. # Bird Watching at Benuban. # Mangrove Forests at Benuban

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